Off to the Park
Happy dogs go...




Well mannered and happy.


The deLeeuw family with Harley

It has taken such a load off my mind to know that Harley is left in good hands. Ann is reliable and trustworthy and I am confident she will arrive when I schedule her. I used to take Harley with me when I ran errands, but he started to chew on the interior of my car. I hired Ann to take him to the park so I can run my errands without him. He is so much happier and he has stopped chewing on things at home.” —Alysia deLeeuw

“Capable, reliable and trustworthy. Ann has the kind of maturity and honesty that allows us to feel completely confident...”
 — Sid and Doni Hubbard, Los Altos Hills

“My dog is in good hands when he goes out for the day with Ann. It's good to know she gives him the love and positive reinforcement he needs...” —Paul Skokan, Mountain View