Off to the Park
Happy dogs go...

Play Fetch with Zipper

You, too, can play fetch with Zipper. For many dogs, playing fetch is a very fun thing to do. It's a form of exercise involving running, jumping, romping, interacting with people and other dogs, skill development, obedience, intelligence, and much more. With this game, you can be the dog and try your hand at running, jumping, and catching. Be careful, it's not as easy as you think! It is easier to just let your dog go Off to the Park.


Zipper's Kennel Chaos

Putting your dog in a kennel can be chaos for you and your dog. All you can think about is how your dog can escape and be free to run, jump, and romp. Where your dog wants to be is Off to the Park with lots of space, adventure, and fun. So, when you are trying to choose between letting your dog go off to a kennel or Off to the Park, try your hand at this game. Here you can put yourself in your dog's shoes and try your hand at escaping to go Off to the Park.

Create A Pet

So, you are thinking about finally letting your dog go Off to the Park. But wait! Maybe you'll be lonely. After all, three hours with out your dog is a long time. Oh, and the very thought of all that fun and adventure is just too much to bear. Well, here's the game for you. Create a virtual pet. This game is perfect for those lost pet owners who don't know what to do when their pets have gone Off to the Park. This game lets you choose a new pet to keep you from being lonely. Buy new assessories. Select your pet's home. There's practically an unlimited number of things to keep your mind from thinking about your dog being Off to the Park.